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  24/7 Support*

Retainer Contract Plan


30 Hour Retainer based on $75 per hour

50 Hour Retainer based on $75 per hour

Total Cost: $2040.00

Total Cost: $3100.00

Saving: $210.00

Saving: $650.00

Additional hours billed at Standard Rate

Additional hours billed at Standard Rate

Monthly Service plan

PC Management – $29.00 -49.00 per PC - provides a complete solution for supporting and managing the overall health of each computer in your company. PC management plan ensures that your computers are functioning properly, protected, and secure against technology threats and disasters. Computers are in your office to help you run more efficiently and UneakPC ensures that is possible around the clock.

Server Management – $199.00 - 299.00per server - include critical monitoring and maintenance required on a regular basis. Plan includes 24/7 remote support. Quarterly on-site maintenance and unlimited on-site support is included.

Network Management - $99.00 - 199.00 per company - Your computers and networks need regular care to perform at their optimal level. As your IT manager, UneakPC monitors your computers and network health on a daily basis. Having this information allows us to proactively maintain your network and provide strategic guidance before trouble occurs. From the development of a disaster recovery plan to annual technology plans, UneakPC will ensure that you have the right resources in place as your small business grows.

The monthly service plan compares to having your own full time IT staff at a fraction of the cost.





*for existing client only


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